:: Book Publication

A child seeks to visualize the world around him through books. The need is to make this process of visualization as enjoyable and interesting as possible. The focus has been on fundamentals and applications to appeal to students so that they enjoy reading.

A strong team of writers, editors, proof readers and designers make up the backbone of the publishing house. This creative team hands over the publishing material to the Alliance Press for its final outcome. Books from Alliance Publishers have found their acceptability in the Middle East countries as well.

Foreign Publications Division

This division supports international publishing houses with their background publishing work by providing basic services like composing, artwork and graphic designing. We convert unstructured data into a variety of digital formats including PDF, HTML & XML making them ready for electronic use on the internet. Documents and manuscript, printed or handwritten, are manually keyed in. OCR is carried out from image files or hard copies into electronic format. Revival of old books and documents is done by us. You need to send your books.
Creative Designing is handled by professional designers.

Alliance Press

Alliance offset printing press was set up in order to be independent in the entire publishing and printing cycle. Every step of publication and printing is carried out inhouse that includes designing, artwork, negative making, plate processing and printing, etc.

For detailed information, Please visit our website : http://www.alliancepublishers.com/