:: International Education

International Education Division (IED) is looked after by Centre for Transnational Education and Research (CTER). This is an institution within institution comprising scholars from different streams. CTER is actively involved in building bridges with international bodies of education like Australian Council of Educational Research ( ACER), International Baccalaureate Organisation (IBO) and EDEXCEL ( UK).


CTER mission is to provide inputs to improve the learning process in India vis-a-vis the international education systems, through a research based center, which has immense potentialities in the field of education.


4Comparative study of education systems of the world;
4Generate expertise in web based research;
4Operation of project based Information & Research Center; and
4Guide for teachers and students for offshore studies,
scholarships and employment.

Research Leader

CTER satisfies the urge for knowledge and has formed research wing to facilitate teaching/learning processes in 21st century India. If India is on the move, the education system has to change to suit the needs of the evolving society. In view of this, the research team is forging ahead and recommending changes in the existing methodologies in education. CTER is a pioneer in research based learning and encourages independent thinking and creativity while safeguarding the discipline and resilience, which have characterized the Indian students the world over.

School Curriculum Based Project Bank

We aim at developing new projects/technologies by collaborating with foreign universities/educational institutes/multinational companies so as to update the learning process and to make it a pleasurable experience in the truest sense of the word. We believe that the joy of learning can extend beyond the pre-primary years if proper planning and thought are applied. A thorough analysis is undertaken to come out with applicable modules suited to the age and the needs of school going children.

Crossing Frontiers in Education

lf; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main", writes John Dryden. At CTER, we believe in this dictum and seek to bring Indian education at par with international standards. The center works towards crystallizing the vision of eminent educationists who feel the need for research based learning as a dire necessity in today's rapidly changing competitive world. To fulfill this aspect our research team carries out a comparative study of various international education systems. The experts study the best educational practices that are available and then attempt to adopt them to the particular sensibilities of Indians.

International Information Centre

It is time that our talented teachers and students got the opportunities that they truly deserve. The center has become an information network regarding employment opportunities and the latest innovations in the international educational scenario. Information regarding various short and long term courses/ scholarships/ career details is made available. Processing and simplifying this complex information regarding the international employment scene is done just to assist students and teachers.